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Sacred Valley

1 day
US $ 100
Per person

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1 day
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DURATION: 1 day.

DESCRIPTION: The Sacred Valley was the most important valley to the Incas before the Spanish arrived in Peru. It was the most fertile valley in the region, boasting crops like delicious corn and potatoes. The Incas built some of the most important sites of the empire in this valley, namely in Ollantaytambo and Pisaq. The Urubamba River runs from Cusco through the Sacred Valley, all the way to Machu Picchu

On this full-day tour, we will take you through the Valley and show you some of the most important archaeological sites. We will also teach you about some of the ancient traditions that Peruvians still continue today, such as weaving and ceremonies. On our tour of the Sacred Valley, you will learn everything you need to know to appreciate Machu Picchu. You will have a full understanding of the Incan legacy.


valle-sagrado-de-los-incas02We will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco at 9am. In our private vehicle, we will take a drive to a farm called Awana Kancha, which means “The Palace of the Weaver” in the Quechua language. The farm has llamas, alpacas and a women’s weaving co-op. Here, your guide will teach you about the tradition of making and dying yarn and weaving it into beautiful blankets, skirts and hats. Afterwards, we will head to one of the most important archeological sites in the region, called Pisaq to see Incan burial grounds, ancient irrigation systems and astrological centers. We will then go to Pisaq, a local market that boasts some of the best and most affordable silver in all of the Andes. We will have lunch at Urubamba before going to Ollantaytambo, where we will have a thorough tour of the ruins. From Ollantaytambo, we will stop in another local village called Chinchero before returning to Cusco. We will drop you off at your hotel in Cusco around 6:30 pm.

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